• Eric Wilth - Chairman
  • Dawn Johnson
  • Shannon Marks
  • Arlyce Severson
  • Dave Webb/Dick Maxson — advisory


In 2005, the voters of Redeemer Lutheran Church approved the start of a preschool ministry. Over the past eleven years our ministry has focused on one mission: to teach young children about God's love and his plan of salvation in Jesus and to provide a quality educational and social experience in a safe and friendly environment. Our Lord has richly blessed our ministry through your continued offerings and support of this mission. Without the blessings of the Lord and your continued offerings, our outreach and educational goals would not have been achieved.

Currently, we have 21 students enrolled in our 2016/2017 School year, which offers 2-5 day both half and full day options. This is the largest enrollment we have seen in the history of the school. In an effort to more effectively promote our program the Preschool Board undertook a variety of improvements and marketing campaigns in 2016. We made updates to the preschool website and Face book page to increase search ability, provide a more user friendly format, and more effectively present our program to prospective families. Marketing campaigns were developed for two Maple Grove publications and in the Maple Grove Cub checkout lines. New signage was placed to increase visibility. Ads were developed for a variety of mailings, event invites, and cards.

In 2016 the congregation voted to expand the preschool to a full day option. In order to do this the staff and preschool board worked to update our state licenses to allow a full day option. This included the purchase of cots for rest time and a commercial refrigerator in the classroom closet. In cooperation with the property committee, updates to the kitchen area were made in order to meet Hennepin County food prep requirements. All inspections were passed and the preschool was successful in meeting DHS and Hennepin County licensure requirements.

We called a full time teacher position to Mrs. Carol Green. We also expanded our call from a three quarter call to a full time call for our director/teacher, Mrs. Erica Pfotenhauer. In the fall the preschool board approved a subscription to a management software called Kinderlime. This software has enabled us to streamline our billing and tuition processes, offer online payment options to enrolled families, track student attendance, and manage staff hours.

We had a ministry celebration/benefactor dinner which turned into a staff and board fellowship dinner. We have been blessed with many individual and Thrivent donations. We ask that you prayerfully consider making a contribution and/or donate school items for next year.

We thank our Heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ our Lord, who has blessed us to serve these little ones with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in 2016. We pray that he will continue to bless us with even more children from the community and our Redeemer family in 2017.

God has great plans for you and for your family - plans to prosper you, to give you hope and a future. ~ Jer. 29:10-14