• Charles Charlson, Chairman
  • Greg Charlson
  • Sam Trebesch
  • Mike Westerdahl

The Board of Elders is concerned about "the total spiritual life of the congregation." The Elders seek to encourage our members to be faithful in the hearing of God's Word and in their use of the Sacraments of Baptism and the Lord's Supper. The Elders also oversee the congregational worship services, serve as communion assistants and organize the partner groups of the congregation.
Since the Elders are concerned about the "total spiritual life of the congregation”, we have recently been making plans for the future. Our goal is always to encourage members in their spiritual growth and in their dedicated service to their Savior.

We are in a time of transition as we wait for the Lord to provide a full-time pastor for Redeemer. As we patiently wait, we are making plans for the future. Some of our future goals are:
  • A new pictorial directory. This would help the new pastor become familiar with all the members more quickly.
  • A stewardship emphasis. It has been a few years since Redeemer implemented the James Company stewardship program.
  • More Bible Class opportunities. Some of these opportunities may be organized together with the partner groups.
  • Updated time/talent surveys. We pray that the Holy Spirit will move the hearts of our members to respond with their faithful service.
We want to inform everyone that we always seek to emphasize the importance of mission work in our congregation. Mission work is the work entrusted to the church by Christ himself. Jesus said in Matthew 28:19: "Go and make disciples of all nations." Currently, Redeemer does not have an Outreach Committee. We would like to add an Outreach Committee to the committees of the congregation.

To help promote communication within the church, a new weekly newsletter was begun in May. We hope that the newsletter has provided spiritual encouragement to you helped to inform you of what is happening in the congregation and made known any needs of the congregation. The newsletter will continue to be sent out via email. If you do not have email, please let us know. We will print a copy and put it in your mailbox.

The following are a few statistics regarding the status of our congregation:
  • Communicants: 187, Souls: 234
  • Baptisms: 4 infants
  • Average worship attendance — 98
  • Sunday Adult Bible Class — 19
  • One funeral

We want to thank everyone for his or her faithfulness to God and his Word. God has truly motivated our people with the gospel to serve him. We thank every member who has served our congregation and helped to bring us to where we are today. May God continue to bless our work to his glory!


God has great plans for you and for your family - plans to prosper you, to give you hope and a future. ~ Jer. 29:10-14