• Wes Trebesch - Chairman
  • Sam Trebesch
  • Tom Warren
  • Kory Dirnberger
  • Nathan Ekhoff


2017 was a busy year for the Property Committee. Several new committee members joined the committee which is has been great for the committee! We continue to get used to our new facility systems and to make sure the needs of the facility are being met. Our budget in 2017 was watched very closely and we cut what we could from our anticipated expenses. This included taking on our own mowing and maintaining our property throughout the summer months. Volunteers stepped up for this important task and we will need volunteers again in 2017. Christian Family Services also started using our facility on a weekly basis and the committee continues to work with them to make sure they have what they need.

Redeemer was approached by Verizon Wireless to install antennas on the existing Excel Transmission Line Tower located on our property along with some supporting equipment. We are currently negotiating the lease agreement with Verizon but this is an exciting opportunity to capture a new revenue stream for the Church for several years to come.

Many members chipped in this past year to help work on several projects. The property committee greatly appreciates all of the help we received to finish up the many projects completed in 2017. Thanks again to all those that helped!

Other items completed in 2017 include:
  • Internal signage installed throughout the facility
  • Started an annual Property Committee checklist/schedule to better organize the Committee
  • Installed gutters
  • Repaired the dishwasher
  • Improved drainage around the facility
  • Repaired front doors
  • Parking lot lights photo cell replaced
Needs the Property Committee currently has:
  • More volunteers to be on the committee
  • Additional volunteers to remove snow from the sidewalks for the Preschool hours of operation.
  • Volunteers To help with mowing and maintenance for next summer
Looking ahead to 2018 the committee has identified several high priority projects that would be great to complete but will need the support of the congregation. Projects have been identified in the long range plan and are listed below.
  • Install new siding, windows & roof overhang on original building  
  • Alter furniture
Other future projects that have been identified in the long-range plan include:  
  • Replace carpeting in fellowship area
  • Improve lighting in fellowship area
  • Patio space between old and new building
  • Look into options to develop open field info usable space
The property committee will continue working to ensure that the building is operating properly and that the functional needs of the congregation are being met. We are appreciative of all of the support shown by the congregation throughout the year!

God has great plans for you and for your family - plans to prosper you, to give you hope and a future. ~ Jer. 29:10-14